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Why choose Voice in Bloom to solve your challenges?

Improve Operational Efficiencies

You may have areas in your business or within a project that are no longer operating efficiently. You might need help sorting out what changes to make or you might need a little more support to make them successful. Voice in Bloom can help you transition from the weeds in your business to a foundation that is smooth, strong, and organized.


Gain Momentum with a Specialized Skill Set

When you need a skill set you don't currently have on your team, sometimes it can be a difficult and lengthy task to find the expertise you need. A specialized skill set can bring a fresh perspective. Looking at your project from different perspectives can help bring new ideas to the surface. Let's talk to see if Voice in Bloom has the skill set you desire for your team.

Stay Balanced when Encountering the Unexpected

An unexpected project with a tight deadline, a team member out for an extended period of time, an overflow of work, these are examples of when you might be caught off balance. Having access to support when you need it, can help you stay balanced during stressful times. Voice in Bloom has helped many organizations remain balanced.  Let's talk and plan for the unexpected.


The Blooming Process

Let's talk, learn, and determine a path forward.

A Conversation to Learn about your Project Needs

In this conversation, I will listen to you discuss your project needs, timeline, and goals. I will make notes and ask questions if needed to clarify my understanding of your project. This is an important time for both parties to ask questions to one another as both are trying to determine if this would be the right business fit.

Absorb and Think

After the first conversation, I will absorb the information and make further notes and ask additional questions if needed. If I feel the project is not a fit for Voice in Bloom or I am unable to assist for any reason I will notify you promptly. Please do the same, if you feel Voice in Bloom is not a fit for your project. If I feel the project is a fit, I will reach out to you to schedule another conversation to get your thoughts and determine how we can best move forward.

Dig in to the Details

Once the right business fit is established, then I will dig in to discuss project details and create a plan to move forward that addresses your goals. Once all specifics are addressed and agreed upon, the fun begins.

Prepare the Foundation

We want to plan for a smooth, organized, and efficient project start.

Keep Communication Flowing

Whether the project is based on-site or remote, it is essential we keep our communication flowing throughout the entire project. If a project changes direction, or needs a different timeline, with consistent communication we can plan and reposition.

Gather the Harvest and Plan for the Future

This step involves gathering any remaining information needed, following-up and asking questions, creating a checklist, and scheduling time to discuss the outcome and any outstanding items. We all move forward through the help of others. I welcome feedback on my services and I am happy to give feedback also.

"Christy Palmer has worked with us on many projects over the last several years. She is creative, while also being efficient, which was a difficult combination to find, until we started working with Voice in Bloom. The level of detail and the thoroughness she displays with any task given is impeccable. I can always count on her to do the research first and then present logical well thought out ideas for me to review. We hired her for our marketing needs, but have come to realize that she is much more than that. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting the business support that we all need."

Chuck Ogletree
President, South-Tree Enterprises, LLC

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