Voice in Bloom 

The Roots of Voice in Bloom

Founder and Owner, Christy Palmer

I founded Voice in Bloom in 2012. Growing up in a small family business, I saw first hand the demands of small business owners. So many tasks, so little time. With many moving parts in a business, it's important to understand the voice your business communicates to internal and external clients. From how you answer the phone to how you organize your files. Each part of our business sends a message, a voice. I enjoy helping others bloom in their business, and I am often called upon to assist in situations where an aspect of the business is disorganized, neglected, and needs attention. Managing the details, problem-solving, and improving communications are what I do best. It's the challenge, variety of work, and the people I have the pleasure of helping, that keeps me blooming each day.



I received my Master of Business Administration Degree from Georgia State University and my Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Management with a Minor in Marketing from Mercer University.

Throughout my journey in small businesses, I have gained valuable experience in management, marketing, human resources, customer service, training, communications, and support.

I have worked with businesses in industry sectors including technology, retail, nonprofit, commercial real estate development/brokerage/construction, voice over, and economic development. I am open to working with any industry where there is the right fit for my services.

When I am not digging into business challenges I can be found digging in my garden, planting vegetables and flowers, or preparing a meal with crops from my garden.

Voice in Bloom is based in Fayetteville, GA.

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